Forbes Travel Guide: Spending Two Perfect Days In Santa Fe

DeMarco Williams, Contributor

You’ve FTG-NMMuseumofArt-Credit-ChrisCorrie-SantaFeConventionandVisitorsBureau-300x200seen blue skies before, but you haven’t seen them quite like this. Santa Fe’s blue looks almost Photoshopped it’s so crisp. Combine that piercing hue with the earth-toned adobe buildings the area is synonymous with, and you have the kind of breathtaking scene a writer would go on and on about in a sonnet. And wouldn’t you know it? Many have. A muse if there ever was one, The City Different, as Santa Fe is lovingly referred, has inspired the words of Willa Cather, the brushstrokes of Georgia O’Keeffe and the design sketches of Tom Ford. After 48 hours in the New Mexico capital city, a similar feeling will resonate in you. You won’t necessarily be sparked to create a work of art all your own, but you’ll certainly have a better understanding as to why others were motivated to do so.

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