About Santa Fe

Acequia Madre Elementary

700 Acequia Madre St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


About Acequia Madre Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K - 6
Enrollment: 175

School’s Mission:
The entire Acequia Madre School Community has dedicated itself to insisting that ALL of our students are educationally successful, physically sound, socially adjusted, and artistically inspired.

School’s Vision:
We strive to provide students with lifelong skills and memories.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:

  • Academic programs are focused on the core subjects and address the state standards and the school District’s Common Commitments.
  • Our school has a focus on fine and performing arts. Children in grades 1-3 all play the violin. Students in grades 4-6 all play in the band (brass, woodwind, and percussion). All students are involved in at least two performances each year and participate in the PTC’s annual art auction by creating artwork to auction.
  • We do inquiry based Science with instructional kits and participate in “Earth’s Birthday” activities, as well.
  • Responsive Classroom (social curriculum).

Why Our School is Unique:

  • We have an after school Spanish Club.
  • We participate in the district’s Volunteer program.
  • Our fifth graders participate in the National Dance Institute.
  • Our parent involvement is extensive and our PTC raises a substantial amount of money to support our P.E. teacher, classroom grants, and our fine and performing arts
  • program.
  • Many of our students participate in after school basketball, swimming, and wrestling.
  • We have an extensive School Garden and greenhouse with a coordinator and multiple opportunities for classes and parents to access the garden throughout the school year.
  • We embrace “Responsive Classroom” a social curriculum which stresses our 3 R’s:
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Responsiveness